Just in case you watched the "What the Hell" video and thought "Hm, not spunky enough," now we have "Smile," the clip for her second single off latest album Goodbye Lullaby. In this one, a green-haired Lavigne (just wait till Mom finds out, Avril, your ass is grass!) heals a cold, black-and-white, lovelorn world by walking around and picking up the pieces of broken heart causing everyone to be miserable, curing them of their heartbreak in the process. Meanwhile, back in color, she rocks around an empty room, tagging it with graffiti and generally causing hell and being a self-admitted "crazy bitch."

Idolator calls the whole thing very "Foolish Beat," to which we of course say: Avril wishes. Besides, we're still a little off-put by how date-rape-y the song's lyrics come off.