Avril Lavigne's 'Hello Kitty' Music Video Is a Kawaii Punk Explosion


Avril Lavigne has repaid her Japanese fans for sending her recent self-titled album to Gold-sales status by dropping a music video for what is arguably her weirdest track ever, "Hello Kitty."

The clip plays like a big bonkers love letter to Japan, with Avril sporting a dominatrix-meets-Skrillex-meets-decora-fashion mish-mash ensemble as she dances with her own troupe of Harajuku girls, skips through a candy store, struts the streets of Tokyo, and dines on sushi and sake.

It's a little out there, but then again, this is a bilingual dubstep song about Avril's vagina that's named after a fictional animated Japanese character of a cute cat and quotes Michelle Pheiffer's Catwoman in the lyrics. What did you expect?

[Video via AvrilLavigne.com]

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