Trey Songz generally seems like a pretty personable guy—friendly, talkative, easygoing, what have you—but certain lines with him you're better off not crossing. One of them, as a reporter from San Francisco's Wild 94.9 radio station found out the hard way, is in regards to his good buddy Chris Brown, whom as you may have heard has been taking some heat recently for various rumored and confirmed goings-on. Said reporter asked Trizzy (nope? Oh right, Trigga, yawn) about one of those happenings—Brown's infamous reported "I promise I won't beat you!" pickup line. The uncomfortable half-minute exchange between Intrepid Reporter and Trey Songz goes as follows:

IR: OK, another rumor going around about Chris Brown picking up on the ladies...his supposed line is 'Hey, can I get your number? I promise I won't beat you!' How do you pick up on the ladies?

TS: I'm not cool with that question.

IR: ...About your pick-up line?

TS: Naw, with this, right there. That's my homie. We not gon' talk like that.

IR: Oh, bad...

The really tough thing about this video is how excited IR seems about her interview opportunity with the R&B star before she cheeses him off, with the discussion likely never to be the same after. We've all been there—you think you're cool with the celeb, you're already planning the Buffalo Wild Wings outing the two of you are gonna undertake immediately after wrapping, and then BAM awkward question about friend's domestic abuse history and all of a sudden the relationship is over before it even begins. Learning experience for the poor IR, though we hope Team Breezy knows what a loyal soldier they have in the Triggaman.