Ugh, it looks like Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger are gonna be one of those couples. You know the ones—as soon as they get together, they start acting alike, talking alike, even dressing alike, and all of a sudden they do absolutely everything together. You don't want to bug them about it because they seem happy, but in the meantime, they're irritating the shit out of everyone around them. Yeah, one ofthose couples.

What evidence have we of this? Well, reports say that Avril has covered Kroeger's band Nickelback and their signature hit, "How You Remind Me"—for the soundtrack to an Anime flick called One Piece Z, of all things. According to AnimeNewsNetwork, Lavigne (a "wel-known Japanophile") will be covering both "Remind" and Joan Jett's "Bad Reputation" for the soundtrack, mostly as a favor to Elichiro Oda, creator of the manga the film will be based on.

Should be interesting, but probably a little creepy as well. When Chad starts wearing wifebeaters and skinny ties and becomes obsessed with shopping around Hot Topic, we'll know all is completely lost.