If you like your pop stars small (Prince! Kylie! Hilary!) then look no further than Tiny-G. The four-member girl group from South Korea (where else?) has an average height of 153cm, making them the teeniest pop group outside of Alvin and the Chipmunks. They debuted last year with a hip-hop flavored single called "Polaris," complete with a tomboy concept that saw the girls breakdancing and shooting hoops while dressed in camo pants and basketball jerseys. That whole thing didn't really work out for them, so the girls disappeared for a few months before returning this week with a cute new style and a brand new single called "MINIMANIMO."

The title of the song is play on "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe." We're guessing that they adjusted the title to “MINIMANIMO” because they thought it would sound more adorable when capitalized and condensed into one word. (In which case, they would be entirely correct.) The tune itself is about as cute and sticky as you'd expect from a K-pop song named after a classic nursery rhyme and sung by a quartet of miniature teenage Korean girls. It's got a stupidly repetitious hook, a bubbly beat, and lots of peppy English phrases like, "Everything's gonna be okay," and "Love you, baby!"

The music video is basically The Borrowers set to K-pop. Tiny-G, dressed in colorful overalls that look like they were plucked straight out of Bob the Builder's wardrobe, poke fun at their small stature by shrinking down to the size of toy figurines and playing around in their own custom-made dollhouse. They later escape in search of cute things to do, which includes magically lighting a candle and measuring the circumference of an apple. There's also some tight choreography and nice vocal runs to be found, showing that Tiny-G has more to offer than simply the bucket-loads of aegyo displayed in "MINIMANIMO." Still, with the rookie market as crowded as it is now, it's going to be hard for Tiny-G to break out past their current flop status, but if it's ever gonna happen for them, this will be the song to do it.