Azealia Banks' "212" is a fantastic song. It is also a song that you might not want to play for children who wouldn't go see R-rated movies, considering its hook hinges on a certain unprintable word. But this is the Internet! Kids reacting to unprintable words, or at least the clean versions of songs that used to contain them, are prime viral vectors, and Vice's video site Noisey knows. They particularly know the sort of pickup they'd get if it's a lot of British kids commenting on a rap track, which turns out pretty much exactly how you'd expect. I mean, the title's "do cute kids really like hip hop?" which... yes, literally hundreds of thousands of cute kids really like hip-hop. You know, the cute kids who grow up listening to hip-hop. You see where we're going with this?

Anyway. The video's below. Expect lots of comments about "212" being "very bonkers" and having multiple voices and whatnot, expect lots of commentary on the state of rap music from kids who'll have lots of interesting moments watching this back in a decade or two, expect lots of dancing and doodling. Sure, OK, and expect some of it to be adorable--we're not that heartless. And expect a reference to Black Sabbath. (You wouldn't expect that unless we told you, so there it is.)

`Corporate tax rate competitive in the region'

New Straits Times October 24, 2001

New Straits Times 10-24-2001 `Corporate tax rate competitive in the region' Edition: 2* Section: Business

DURING the pre-budget dialogue sessions, the Government received more than 100 proposals related to tax measures and the call for reduction in corporate tax rate was one of the most prominent.

When the Budget 2002 was unveiled last Friday, the 28 per cent corporate tax remained, as the Government reasoned that Malaysia's corporate tax rate is sufficiently competitive. website corporate tax rate

Finance Ministry Under Secretary for tax analysis division Kamariah Hassan echoed this view yesterday at a post Budget luncheon organised by the Malaysian Institute of Taxation.

She said Hong Kong has a corporate tax rate of 16 per cent but does not provide as many incentives as Malaysia.

"Taiwan's corporate tax rate is 25 per cent, but due to its dividend tax of 30 per cent, its effective tax rate is 47.5 per cent and Thailand's effective tax rate stands at 37 per cent."

Kamariah said since Malaysia does not tax dividends, its effective tax rate remains competitive at 28 per cent. site corporate tax rate

"Do not compare us with Singapore. Look at the whole region and you would see how competitive our rate is," she said.

Singapore's corporate tax stands at 24.5 per cent, one of the lowest in the region.

Kamariah said the ability of corporate tax rate in generating more revenue in Malaysia has somewhat been eroded due to the provision of many tax incentives for all kinds of industries and businesses.

Since 1980, she said corporate tax rate had been cut quite significantly from 40 per cent to what it is now.