Azealia Banks' "BBD": Kicking Off The New Year With "Witch-Hop"

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The last day of 2012 brought a peek at 2013 by Azealia Banks, who released "BBD"—which she touted as "a little New Years Eve hype for the ladies maybe?"—shortly before the ball dropped. "BBD", produced by the New York beatmaker Apple Juice Kid, is minimalist and dark enough to earn the "witch-hop" tag appended to its Soundcloud upload; despite its darkness it's still celebratory, though, with Banks nimbly toasting her "pretty eyes and long extensions" and sexual prowess over a stuttery warp-zone bat. "BBD" stands for Bad Bitches Do(ing) it and not Bell Biv Devoe, although Banks' Remembering The '90s continues here with a shout-out to the New Jack legends' antecedent New Edition, member Michael "Biv" Bivins, and monster single "Poison" (not to mention the Sega home video game system, shouts to Sonic the Hedgehog).

"BBD" isn't the first single from Banks's forthcoming full-length Broke With Expensive Taste, which is set to come out next month. (According to Apple Juice Kid, who hooked up with Banks via Twitter, samples on "BBD" need to be cleared before it can be included on Broke.) Broke's first single will be called "Miss Amor," and it'll be backed by a track called "Miss Camaraderie." Given Banks's retromania, is it too much to hope that she'll play off the Little Miss books for the single's art?

Listen to "BBD" at Soundcloud.