Well, this feud is in real danger of becoming unfun. Though the Angel Haze-Azealia Banks beef has provided the primary musical amusement for us thusfar in the year 2013, it's starting to produce some stray fire, and that's rarely a good thing. Perez Hilton has now joined in the fracas, siding with Haze in the beef, much to Banks' consternation. The Harlem rapper tweeted the following at Perez:

Naturally, Banks' use of the gay slur caused a bit of an internet stir, and caused the rapper to issue a series of clarifying tweets, which arguably just made the situation worse:

Some culturally tricky stuff here about slur appropriation, and who gets to say what to who, though we tend to recommend that pop artists err on the side of not using hateful slurs in anger against people who might be offended by them. It's a new one to have the use of the word "faggot" in hip-hop defended by the artist saying "hey, I'm bisexual too," though. That's a weird, possibly backwards kind of progress.