It’s a new year, and with it comes a new look for Popdust’s award-winning (in our minds at least) Twitter feud reportage. Stars are feistier than ever, and the number of social networks for them to fight on is only growing—now we’ll be your guide to their digital dustups, with a clearer, standardized look at who’s feuding over what, where and why. If you’re lucky, we’ll even pass judgement and tell you who won! 

Did you really think this Azealia Banks-Angel Haze beef was going to peter out after only a day? Of course not. The two pugnacious MCs went at it again on Twitter on Friday, after Banks released a brand-new diss track aimed at Haze. Here's how everything went down:

Who's Feuding: Frenemies Azealia Banks and Angel Haze, two up-and-coming female rappers who apparently had a major falling out sometime in the past few months.

Mediums: Twitter, Soundcloud.

How It Got Started: The Twitter drama entered its second act Thursday afternoon, when Angel Haze released the magnificently spiteful diss track "On the Edge," which threw up all the duo's dirty laundry for everyone to see. Haze then made it known that she would expect nothing less than a full response track from Banks: "LOL," she tweeted, "Any response that is not in the form of a song is null and void."

Best Shots: On Friday morning, Banks finally released a diss track of her own, the throbbing "No Problems." While Haze focused on putting all of Banks' old business out in the open, "No Problems" is more of a standard diss track: Banks is awesome, and anyone taking shots is just jealous of her skills and success.

Of course, the new track also reignited the war of words between the pair, which had lain dormant for a whole 18 hours:


Tweets/Accounts Later Deleted: Banks tweeted that Haze wasn't on her level, and challenged Haze's 6 p.m. release time for a new diss track, but later deleted both tweets.

Endgame: According to Angel Haze, a second diss track may be coming later on Friday, so it looks like this is going to be an ongoing thing for a while.

Who Won? We're fans of both these rappers, but this feud is so fun to watch that we're going to give this one to The Fans. Everyone wins!