Azealia Banks' videos, thus far, tend to be only and exactly what they need to be: several-minute stretches of Banks acting and dressing awesome. "Van Vogue" is no exception to either. There's not much to it--Azealia hangs out underwater in the dark doing divalike things--but even so, she manages to do so much with it! For instance, she...

- Gives everyone a reason to dig the 1991 EP out again

- Be one of the vanishingly few people in the world who actually should wear that fedora

- Popularize (maybe?) glisten-in-the-dark lipstick

- Popularize (in a better world?) caviar lipstick

- Flick away water with an awesome flourish. (1:17-1:19. GIF. Make it happen, Internet.)

- Make a pretty good case that yes, she does have claim to the whole "vamp" idea

- Flaunts her productivity--the "1991" video's being filmed as we speak. Literally, as we write these words. Oh, if we could all keep up her level of work. Or at least of style.