Aziz Ansari Translates "Ni***s in Paris" for the 21st Century

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Actor/comedian Aziz Ansari has made no secret his love for Jay-Z and Kanye West, prominently referencing them in skits and making the year's best two-second cameo in the video for their "Otis." Now on Aziz is Bored, Ansari has really put his blog's title into effect with "Emojis in Paris," the text-message-translated version of the duo's "Niggas in Paris," presented via Watch the Throne-backset screenshots of a text conversation between he and Matt Shawver. (For example, "ball" has been replaced with a pic of a basketball, "bathroom" with a pic of a toilet, and "that shit cray" with pics of a pointing finger, a pile of dookie, and a goofy-looking face, respectively.)

The whole thing is a fittingly odd tribute to one of the most inscrutably addictive and fascinating songs of the year. We feel like Tom Haverford would approve, at the very least.


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