After collaborating together musically on "I Won't Do Bad Things," boy band B1A4 and miss A's Suzy have teamed up to promote 2013's best back-to-school styles for clothing brand, SMART Uniforms.

After having SHINee, f(x), and T-ara front their product in the past, SMART couldn't have picked two hotter stars to takeover their latest campaign. Suzy, officially nicknamed "The Nation's First Love," by the Korean media, is currently the most popular and desired female in the entire country. In addition to topping the charts as part of miss A, her feature film debut in last year's runaway hit Introduction to Architecture set a record as one of the most-watched Korean romance flicks ever released. She was also the first female Korean celebrity to cross 1 million Twitter followers, and the first to pick up rookie awards in all three major categories: singing, television, and movies. Even her fellow K-pop stars voted her as the top idol of 2012.

B1A4, on the other hand, have found most of their success solely through music. They were the breakout rookie boy band of 2011, and have rapidly grown more popular with every new single release. Their last album, In the Wind, became their first to hit No. 1 on the charts, and has yet to leave the top 10. Not to mention that it spawned the wonderful "Tried to Walk," one of our favorite K-pop tunes of last year.

With all this star power behind the brand, SMART Uniforms will probably be flying off the shelves before the new school year kicks off again in March. However, we're guessing that Suzy's hot pink ensemble is probably just for after school hours. Last time we checked, rocking up to class in something that showy usually ends in detention.