The "Bad Boys for Life" Trailer Promises to Be the Last Film⁠—but Dear God, What If It's Not?

Who cares what it's about? A helicopter EXPLODES.

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16 years ago, Bad Boys II impressed viewers with "everything loud, dumb, violent, sexist, racist, misogynistic, and homophobic that producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Michael Bay could can think of puking on screen," in the words of The Rolling Stone.

Now Will Smith and Martin Lawrence reprise their roles as buddy cops Marcus Burnett (Lawrence) and Mike Lowrey (Smith), but they promise it's for "one last time." We hope so. The full trailer for Bad Boys for Life opens with a flashy car, designer sunglasses, and Will Smith's biceps. Then there are recycled quips and dead, shot up bad guys and a lot of F-bombs, because these are cool cops who talk about toughing it out "in these streets" where "I've never trusted anybody but me" in suave voice-overs.

As far as the "plot" of Bad Boys for Life, truly who knows? Haphazard car chases, exploding staircases, and, oh hell yes, an exploding helicopter with a slow motion leap to safety?! Who cares what the plot is. Also, Vanessa Hudgens (yes, the High School Musical one), Alexander Ludwig (Vikings), and Charles Melton (Riverdale) join the veteran detectives as a newly formed "elite team" of youngsters who help the duo "take down the vicious leader of a Miami drug cartel" (again, apparently). What kind of generational differences could possibly ramp up the tension after 16 years of the boys presumably up to their same old tricks? Again, who cares⁠—did we mention an effin' helicopter explodes?

At least directors Bilall Fallah and Adil El Arbi replace the overpaid pyromaniac Michael Bay. Be sure to catch Bad Boys for Life in theaters on Jan. 17 for stellar one-liners like, "We're not just black; we're cops, too. We'll pull ourselves over later."

BAD BOYS FOR LIFE - Official Trailer