He's a man of mystery, that Frank Ocean. The beloved but press-reticent R&B crooner has been more in demand than ever these last few months, but the more we need him, the more he pulls away. Ocean was supposed to spend the next month or so touring Europe, in support of Coldplay on their Mylo Xyloto Tour, likely in front of some of the largest audiences Ocean's ever played to.

Unfortunately for the European Oceanographers out there—yes, that's what we're calling Frank Ocean superfans, give us one reason why not—Frank has pulled out of those gigs, saying schedule conflicts forced him to make a "tough decision." What were those conflicts? He's not really saying. What he is saying is the following, released via statement:

Let me start by saying I feel like an a--hole right now, but a tough decision had to be made in regard to my schedule over the next months and the casualties of that decision include my appearances at upcoming festivals in Europe and my opening slot on the European leg of the Coldplay world tour. Sorry as fuck, I'll be back if you'll have me.

Mysterious, indeed. Sorry to our European brethren for the snub, but we can only hope that the primary conflict motivating this cancellation is Ocean's desire to appear with his Odd Future cronies at the Jay-Z-curated Made in America festival on Sept. 2, when he was scheduled to be in Paris. If he was just cancelling because he's excited for the Dodgers pennant race and can't get his Extra Innings package overseas or something, we'll be a little less understanding.