New tumblr "Texts from Bennett" has been sweeping the internet, with its depictions of unintentionally hilarious text conversations between some guy and his ridiculous, immature, clueless 17-year-old cousin. Unfortunately for everyone, that "some guy" is rapper Mac Lethal, who is having himself one viral-as-hell week. Already making the blog rounds with his pancake-oriented version of "Look At Me Now," Lethal (real name David Sheldon) has been revealed to be the scribe of the tumblr—which, though he swears otherwise, appears to be a two-way fabrication on his part.

"[Bennett] has no idea I do this blog," promises the header on Sheldon's blog. "Yes, this is 100% real." Lethal's father, however, begs to differ. The Smoking Gun asked David Sheldon (the senior) whether his son actually had a cousin named Bennett, and according to TGS, he "laughed and said, 'That’s what he says.'" Sheldon the junior's defense to this was that his cousin was not actually named Bennett, as kind of a names-changed-to-protect-the-innocent thing. When pressed, though, even he criticized the reporter by saying "you try to ruin the fun for everyone...we’re trying to protect the storyline.”

Really, though, was there any doubt? Take a look at one of the many too-perfect conversations Sheldon has with "Bennett." "Bennett" is alternately too smart and too stupid to have such a multi-layered self-prank of a conversation. It's clever, but it's not so brilliant that you can't see the obvious authorship behind it.

Nothing against the tumblr, though. We continue to support Mac Lethal in his many breakfast-lauding and familially-fraudulent pursuits. Let's just be real about things, OK? The Internet will not stand for such mistruths.