Ball Like Jordan: Watch 2 Chainz Play High School Basketball

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We knew Tauheed Epps, a.k.a. Tity Boi a.k.a. 2 Chainz a.k.a. TWOOOOO CHAIIIIIIIINZ had played a little college ball at Alabama State, so it makes sense that there would be some footage of the future-rapper balling in high school as well. ESPN has done us the privilege of sharing us a clip of Epps playing for Georgia's North Clayton High in a game back in 1995, before he even had the one chain.

Epps (#21 in blue) must not have had a ton of highlights in the game, since the clip only shows a three-pointer in which he gets misidentified by the announcer, and a dunk that he slams down after the quarter ends. But we definitely get flashes of the swag he would later boast as a chart-topping rapper, particularly with the little celebratory shimmy Chainz does after his meaningless dunk. (Hey, a dunk is a dunk, whether or not it counts for two points.)

We're not exactly college scouts here at Popdust, but it looks like the now-6'5" Epps had some game. He probably could've been a Trevor Ariza-style small forward in the pros—athletic with some range and a whole lot of energy, though whether he would've had the focus to commit on the defensive end remains to be seen.


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