Chances were pretty good that when Juicy J's "Bandz a Make Her Dance," the pole-work anthem that will inevitably become the "Pop That" of the autumn—eventually got a music video, it wasn't going to take place at a basketball game or in an art museum or something. Nope, J declined to overthink it on this one, and the video is indeed set in the strip club—looking much like the video for guest star 2 Chainz' recent "I Love Dem Strippers," though we doubt Chainz (or anyone else) much objects to the biting.

At the very least, this video has two cool and weird things that the "Stirppers" video lacked—the weird x-ray spotlight effect that gives you glances at Juicy J's skull during his first verse, and those lion gargoyles next to Lil Wayne during his guest verse, which appear to be coming to life at various points through the video. Has anyone ever set a horror movie or a slasher flick in a strip club before? There might be some serious potential there.