Don't you know we're in the age of '90s nostalgia, although the '90s had a lot of crap? And you probably do know that everybody loves a worst-song list, where "loves" means "is willing to click on." And so Rolling Stone compiled the crap, from the "Ice Ice Baby" and Titanic obvious to the slight cheating (hanging chads or no hanging chads, "Who Let the Dogs Out" is definitely a '00s song. In defense of their cheating, it deserves its spot.)

No. 1? Aqua's "Barbie Girl," once called "a classic of modern Scandinavian pop" but more often called bizarre, a scourge or a stew of Mattel legalese (with lyrics conveniently in the lawsuit!) Aqua, and vocalist Lene Nystrøm have quite a few other albums and singles, most of which really aren't this gimmicky, but there's this, a poseable plastic spectre over the rest of their work. It isn't even an ironic party song like No. 2, "Macarena."

At any rate, the subset of Rolling Stone's comment base that didn't vote in the poll is unsurprisingly outraged. But are you? Let us know--approval, disapproval, wondering why we always rant incoherently, convenient lyrics, that sort of thing--in the comments. We even read them!