Batman's Moves Don't Look Anything Like Jagger's

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Those eager for this summer's release of The Dark Knight Rises now have something to tide them over, thanks to the comic book fiends behind this Batman-themed "Moves Like Jagger" parody. In Scream Team's geektastic version below, the bulging biceps of William Schuester are replaced with plush, store-bought six-pack, as a faceless superhero who urges the good people of Gotham City to dance along. The annoying whistling becomes a lot more tolerable when used alongside the "na na na na na na na na" of the original theme song, and our hero and his Cat Woman sidekick manage to successfully demonstrate all the ways choreography can ward off potential criminals. Truly, we wouldn't be surprised if Chris Nolan chose to undergo last-minute re-shoots to incorporate this version of the song into his next film. Because every vigilante needs a good dose of rhythm.

[Geeks Are Sexy]