Battle Of The Douches! Nik Richie Sued By Dan Bilzerian Over STD Story

nik richie sued dan bilzerian STD

An epic battle of the Douches is gearing up in Las Vegas!

In the red corner—Nik Richie, the ever-controversial, never miss-a-chance for self-promotion, misogynistic King of the Douchebags founder of stomach churning, frat boy’s slut shaming portal of choice, TheDirty.

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In the blue corner, Dan Bilzerian, the unapologetic, champagne guzzling, gun toting, utterly despicable, King of the sickening self-styled “Instagram playboy” Douches, who hit the headlines earlier last year after throwing some poor chick off of the roof of his house, resulting in her breaking her foot.

If you’ve been lucky enough to never hear about this Bilzerian Douche before, in summary he’s best known for playing high-stakes poker games and posting photos of fast cars, big guns, scantily clad women pawing all over him and smoking big fat expensive cigars.

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As Popdust previously reported, these two douchebags have faced off before, going at it in an epic Twitter battle after the ever odious Bilzerian posted a screen grab of what he claimed to be a text message from sleazebag Richie—asking to arrange a sit-down with him.

He accompanied the screen grab with this tweet, “Just when I think Nick Richie can’t be more of a loser, I get a text from him saying his site wants to work with me”

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Richie shot straight back denying he sent the text, calling it a fake and then posted Bilzerian’s actual cell phone number for all to see—resulting in Richie's account being suspended.

The two douches have been battling it out for years, ever since posts started popping up about Balzerian— whom Richie refers to as “Fake Dos Equis"— on The Dirty, mocking his every move.

And now they’re back at it again—this time over a post on The Dirty from some chick claiming, "I ended up getting super drunk and sleeping with Dan. I got tested two weeks later and lucky me I found out he gave me chlamydia."

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Bilzerian is spitting mad, claiming the chick’s full of shit and insisting that he’s STD free—and, with that in mind, he’s fired off a defamation lawsuit against Richie, real name Hooman Karmian, and TheDirty’s holding company, Dirty World LLC.

Bilzerian, who’s really not the brightest of the douche bag bunch—I mean, at least Richie’s got a couple of brain cells stashed away back there and a sense of humor (of sorts)—has hired the services of a construction lawyer, perhaps with the hopes he will be able to bulldoze Richie into submission.

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Interestingly, despite living in Hollywood, California, Bilzerian has filed the suit in Las Vegas, claiming he’s a resident there.

As Nevada follows the 10k rule—Bilzerian is requesting damages in excess of $10,000, which will ultimately be decided by a jury or judge.

Good luck with that Plaintiff Douche!

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Defendant Douche is 33-0 when it comes to winning other such defamation lawsuits—most famous one recently being the sex offender teacher/cheerleader, Sarah Jones, who launched a humungous can of legal whoop ass on Richie back in December, 2009, alleging defamation, libel per se, false light, and intentional infliction of emotional distress under state tort law.

The lawsuit raged on and on, with Richie initially losing and being ordered to pay Jones $338,000 and legal costs—with a civil suit still hanging in the air.

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However, on June 16, last year, the Six Circuit vacated the district Court’s decision, on the basis of Richie’s immunity under the Communications Decency Act—which rules no provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.

Which makes perfect sense, otherwise Mark Zuckerberg would be up in court every single minute of the day over defamatory posts on Facebook from disgruntled exes with grudges to bear.

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A few month later, Jones was then ordered to pay Richie—in the amount of $6,274.42.

Now, choosing a side between Richie and Bilzerian kinda feels akin to deciding if you would rather have one of your eyes gauged out with a rusty screwdriver by a naked Rosie O’Donnell— or your right leg savagely chewed off by one of Donald Trump’s dogs, after it’s just been diagnosed with rabies.

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