Battle Of The Release Date: Selena Gomez Vs. Beyonce

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Selena Gomez and the Scene's third album When The Sun Goes Down will be released June 28, Hollywood Records announced via press release. For those who have been paying attention, that's the same day Beyoncé's album 4 hits stores. (Ring the alarm, there's a rumble a brewin'!) But does this spell immediate disaster for Justin Bieber's girlfriend? Heck no. Gomez is confident enough to compete with Queen B herself, and "who says" she won't come out on top? (Their release dates will be after the impending apocalypse—anything's possible.) Gomez will also pull a Lady Gaga and release tracks from the album in piecemeal via the iTunes Countdown program, beginning with "Bang Bang Bang" on June 7, "Dices" June 14 and "Love You Like A Love Song" on June 21.

While we'll have to wait about a month to see who wins the battle of album releases, why not judge each lady on her newly revealed cover art? Gomez goes the flapper route for the When The Sun Goes Down's cover, while Beyoncé plays up her sex appeal with an opened fur jacket and little else, reminiscent of the pantsless look she sports in her new video for "Run The World (Girls)." (They both have that staring-sexily-off-into-space look down.) Take a look at the covers below. Which one will you be buying come June—both? Neither? Let us know.