Good year to be a Knicks fan. They get Amar'e, they get Carmelo, and now they (if they have enough money) get the chance to hang out with hometown rapper Jay-Z courtside at a home game at Madison Square Garden. The Jigga man is auctioning off his services to the highest bidder, with the proceeds going to the Stephen Gaynor School for learning disabilities in Manhattan. It's still a little weak that Jay's promotion is tied to the Knicks and not the Nets—the team he, you know, partly owns—but that's New York vs. New Jersey for you. NY gets two superstars and Jay-Z, NJ gets Deron Williams and the occasional Jersey Shore cameo.

Bidding on the seat is currently valued at $20,000, but such coinage is mere chump change for the chance to hang out with the World's Greatest Rapper at the World's Greatest Arena. Other NBA franchises, should they hold a similar auction using their given resources, might end up pulling in significantly less:

  • Meet up with 3OH!3 for a Denver Nuggets game at the Pepsi Center!
  • Rock out with Oklahoma City's own Hinder courtside at the Ford Center!
  • Discuss tape-looping and orchestral arrangements with Dirty Projectors at the next Portland Trailblazers game!
  • Make Seinfeld references with D.C. rapper Wale at the Verizon Center!
  • Stick around for karaoke after the next Miami Heat game at the American Airlines Arena, starring Pitbull as your own personal hypeman!

Actually, that last one sounds pretty awesome. We'd pay in the low five-digits for that.