For all the budding real estate moguls out there, in this market $6.5 million can get you 9,000-square feet of L.A.-area magic, as seen in photos from Katy Perry's recent purchase. Teenage Dream has been treating her well, so we can't blame her for indulging in some good 'ol fashioned excess after a highly successful year. Of course, along with bags of Snyder's of Hanover Honey Mustard & Onion Pretzels, she'll be sharing the humble abode with her husband Russell Brand. Take a look at the couple's new residence below, and excuse us while we touch both walls of our tiny New York apartment without even getting up. Hooray, real estate envy!

That's ample space for Perry to craft her next string of six successive hits and/or unifying anthem for the kids, while Brand will finally be able to roam wild and free, like the zen master he is. Hopefully the hired help knows the drill when it comes to driving the moving trucks.