Last night, a slinky song allegedly by Justin Bieber made its way online, although a close listen should have disabused anyone of the idea that it was actually by the Canadian heartthrob.

"The Dream Is Too Good," which claimed to be a collaboration between Bieber, The-Dream and Tricky Stewart, leaked on Sunday, and while it sounded believable on the production front, the muddy vocals didn't quite measure up to Bieber's standards. (Sure, his voice is going to change, but not enough that he'll sound like a 28-year-old drunk woman.) The singer's rep told Gossip Cop that the song was definitely not by his charge, which is something that anyone with a pair of ears could have probably figured out after half a listen. Check it out:

Another mirror image of the singer made waves this weekend: 17-year-old Aussie Jamie Laou has windswept hair and pinchable cheeks that make him a believable doppleganger for the singer and even lure unsuspecting young ladies into watching his webcam performances. But this weekend, Laou got a bit sour, insinuating that Bieber had lost touch with his fans, and people flipped out enough to claim that they would get all Navy SEAL on Laou; his Twitter alias -- "iJever" -- was even a trending topic for a brief moment.

Proving his fan bona fides, however, Bieber reached out to his body double via the social-networking site. "[S]orry i don't have any problems with you and i actually support you and all my male fans," the Bieb said in a private message. Despite this endorsement, Laou is still dealing with the fallout from this weekend's antics; he's now on a one-man campaign to stop cyberbullying.