The holidays are right around the corner, and Popdust is making sure you're outfitted in the best pop culture-inspired get-ups for Halloween 2012.

Costumes serve as both required entry fare into a spooky party and a conversation piece, so why wouldn't you want this year's ensemble to reflect your own musical tastes? They're also meant to scare friends and innocent bystanders, and no other group was more terrified over the last year than long-term Beliebers upon seeing the face of their beloved get bruised and bloody in the name of art. The Bieb has done a great deal of maturing in 2012 alone, yet one thing that's remained is his delight in getting the crap kicked out of him in front of an audience. There was the Complex cover in March, and Believe's "As Long As You Love Me" video in June, which saw poor Bieber bleed at the hands of Michael Madsen. With so much inspiration, he's basically inviting us to join the hashtag movement this holiday season. Allow his music to convert the haters, and his mangled face to scare away any unwanted trick-or-treaters.

Simply click, print, cut and believe. After all, that is the most important part of pulling off a good costume.

Illustration by James Jajac

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One Direction's Harry Styles

Taylor Kennedy