Even the creator of DONDA had modest beginnings. While we're used to seeing Kanye West star in his own artsy music videos or walk the runway in Paris, as a teenager, he was just a fan who grabbed the mic whenever he had the chance. Behold an 18 or 19-year-old Kanye West performing in Chicago in 1996, a good eight years before his debut LP The College Dropout was released, and music's biggest ego changed our lives forever. If only Twitter was around during these early days as a college student and aspiring artist—we'd love to see some Chicago subway footage that matches that of his "wife." In the vintage video below, Yeezy and friend Phenom take the stage, sharing a hook that borrows from O.D.B's "Brooklyn Zoo." There are obvious similarities between his flow and stage presence to the Yeezy we know now, so are all those in the audience fools for not realizing the genius that was in front of them when they had the chance?

Two Kanye West stories are circling the Internet this afternoon. Only one is NSFW. Watch the origin of Yeezy below.