Believe It: Scooter Says New Justin Bieber Music to Come in October

Can you believe that Believe only came out last year? And like, not even early last year—it was officially released in mid-June, not even 15 months ago at this point. Since then, Justin's also given us an acoustic album, a bunch of music videos, some guest appearances on mostly awful singles by, Lil Twist and Maejor Ali, and a whole lot of gossip fodder, all of which made the release of Believe seem very long ago, and the likelihood of another major release to come seem very far away.

Well, Christmas might be coming a couple months early for Beliebers this year (though it might also be coming on actual Christmas as well—more on that in a minute). Bieber manager/mentor/drug dealer...keeper-awayer Scooter Braun went on a little Twitter reveal spree yesterday afternoon, giving away that Justin might have some new music out as soon as this October:


Wow, two months straight of new music? And then a special movie on Christmas? It seems all like a bit too much too soon for plausibility, but as Carl Willott of Idolator points out, we haven't heard anything about Justin Bieber falling asleep in a hotel lobby bathroom or accidentally blowing up a Range Rover or getting into a feud with the cast of Ice Road Truckers recently, so perhaps it's possible he's actually been keeping himself busy recording new music? It wouldn't be totally impossible.

We're probably more excited for the movie than anything—though this follow-up tweet has us tempering our expectations a little, lest it not show up at all. We're guessing it's going to basically be like A Colbert Christmas, with the sardonic of Bad Santa, the heart of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and the action sequences of the first Die Hard. (Maybe even a dash of the middle-aged marital tension of The Ref? Anything goes on A Very Bieber Christmas!)

Anyway, that's all coming, and the supposedly game-changing "Heartbreaker" single should be in there somewhere as well. Is this all because Bieber felt slighted that he dropped from #1 to #8 on this year's edition of the Popdust 40? You know what the manboy says: Don't ever say not ever.

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