Last night on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon the New Jack Swing pioneers Bell Biv Devoe stopped by to perform their two biggest early-'90s hits, complete with original dance moves and a fierce recreation of the songs' original, iconic backing tracks by The Roots. (Is there any song ?uestlove can't mastermind? The answer is probably no.) It would be great if this reunion could presage some sort of revival of the genre that both brought old hits like "Poison" and "Do Me!" (not to mention "I Want Her" and "Don't Walk Away") back to the radio and elevated newer artists working within the form. It would kind of sound like a breath of fresh air! Fresh, sexy air, that is. Clips below.


"Do Me!":

The only bummer? Liza Minnelli was on hand last night, chatting with Fallon about an album that she put out last fall. Could you imagine a collaboration between Liza-with-a-Z and BBD?