Ben Tour Paints Edgy, Animalistic Artwork


Derbby's featured artist of the week is Ben Tour.

Ben Tour

Tour would seem to find his inspiration in the natural world—his more recent work features foxes, eagles, sharks, and wolves of different colors adorning murals and skate rinks: your standard chic urban art. Looking at his older works, however, one can easily see that there is much more than meets the eye when it comes to Tour: his watercolor portraits, and the way his splatters form into breathing shapes, are something to behold.

Looking at the portraits side-by-side with his murals, one can see the traits that make them Tour's: his undeniably modern use of color and line detailing pervade both, as well as the calm chaos added by jarring paint splatters and geometric shapes. His portraits tend to flow smoother, emitting a calm emotive vibe that his murals replaced with a street art sensibility.

Ben Tour

No matter the medium, Tour's work is notable for how well it captures its subject's traits—be it wolf, eagle, or man—while playfully subverting them through his characteristic flashes of color. It is these random spurts of color that make his art so mesmerizing to look at: red and blue splotches on a mostly blue-white portrait, yellow and black triangles floating over a grey wolf mural. By adding the right touches of strong color to paintings with more neutral bases, Tour's style can be characterized as the metropolitan lovechild of Egon Schiele's portraits and Jackson Pollock's iconic splatter painting.

Tour's featured piece on Derbby is a portrait from his archives, remastered to evoke a "zen-like minimalism" by using the least amount of brushstrokes possible. Bid on the gorgeous black-and-yellow piece it before someone else snatches it up.

Ben Tour

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