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5 Reasons Bernie Sanders Is an American Myth: Twitter Users Share #MyBernieStory

On Monday, Bernie Sanders' 2020 team launched a mobile initiative campaign that soon become a trending hashtag on Twitter.

#MyBernieStory began on the mobile BERN app, as supporters were encouraged to download the app on Apple or GooglePlay to post and share stories about why they were voting for Sanders in the next presidential election. Soon a barrage of one-minute clips of young people declaring what state they're from and "how a Bernie presidency will change life for [them] or [their] loved ones" flooded Twitter.

It's a frankly brilliant campaign tactic, considering its virality and youth-oriented outreach from one of the oldest presidential candidates for the 2020 ticket. Bernie is a beacon of American socialism at 77 years old, while Joe Biden, 76, hopes to gain support from Old Guard Democrats.

But let's appreciate how some of these stories are so hopeful, so amplified and optimistic, that they bring us one step closer to mythologizing Bernie Sanders as a hero of American mythology: a Joseph Campbell-style Everyman who may just be the answer to our collective inner turmoil and daily struggles. People's belief in Bernie span from him finally bringing universal healthcare to their ailing family members to caring for uncomfortably packed people on a crowded subway train.

With passionate supporters asserting, "Bernie lives and breathes solidarity. When someone hurts, he hurts," it seems we're finally close to giving Bernie Sanders the Chuck Norris-level of adoration he deserves. I mean deep-seated spiritual trust like, "There is no theory of evolution, just a list of creatures Bernie Sanders allows to live"; "Bernie Sanders lost his virginity before his dad did"; and "Bernie Sanders crossed the road—No one has ever dared question his motives."

Because He Defends the Vulnerable

Because Socialism Is a Superpower

Because Some Are Kinda Hot for Bernie Sanders?

Because F**k the Bad Guys

Because Hope Is Better Than Nothing

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