Best Holiday Gift for Any Man in Your Life

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Every holiday season, I struggle with finding the perfect gift for the men in my life. From shopping for my husband to my dad and brothers, it's always difficult to find something they'll like. I'm almost 100% sure my dad doesn't want another sweater, and my husband, well, he's lucky if he gets any gifts under the tree. When I asked my male co-workers advice on what to get for the men in my family, the conversation took a hilarious turn towards what not to get them. They each came up with some pretty awful standard gifts they had received through the years. For example: an Olive Garden gift card, Paul Blart: Mall Cop on Blu-Ray, and a bucket of stale holiday popcorn. Every year, the holiday shopping gets crazy and I fall to the same old ideas because I'm out of time. While I don't have the budget for a new car wrapped in a bow (do people really do that?!), I still want to get them something nice and useful. This year, I discovered something with quality, style, and total comfort– SAXX Underwear.

SAXX is a modern men's apparel company that specializes in underwear. They offer a wide variety from boxers to briefs, made from different materials with lots of design options. The designs are fun with an assortment of bright colors, but they also offer more refined, classic styles. SAXX even has “revolutionary" technology in the underwear. No, not remote controlled underwear, like I imagined. Instead, it's made with special materials like poly-spandex, and viscose, a moisture-wicking fiber, and a breathable mesh. Their underwear has a "Ball Park Pouch" which is structured like an inverted hammock. It helps prevent friction by keeping everything in place down there and minimizes chafing since the seams are placed on the outside. Basically, what all that means is that they are super soft and comfortable. This all sounded like premium underwear that was way nicer than any I'd ever bought for my husband.

So, I took the plunge and bought him these "life changing" underwear, and guess what? He absolutely loves them. I got him a few pairs: heather grey boxer briefs, blackout that was all black on the seams and fabric, and an "Ugly Xmas Sweater" print-- perfect as a stocking stuffer. He actually thanked me for the gift. (not sure if I should read that as an insult on past gifts, but hey, I'll take it!). He told me he loves how his new underwear doesn't bunch up when he wears them and I've noticed he's started throwing out some of his old underwear. SAXX has an added benefit for me- the fit accentuates his body in all the right places and makes him look sexy- way better than the frumpy boxers he'd been wearing for years!

I'm happy I discovered SAXX because I finally feel like I've found something my husband likes and will actually use. This year, I didn't have to think twice about gifts for the guys on my list. I'll be getting the Ultra 3-Pack bundle for my dad and brothers and some more underwear and crew neck tees for my husband. With SAXX, I felt relieved knowing I'd found a gift that combines "something you want" and "something you actually need." Now that I have the trickiest-to-shop-for checked off my list, I can enjoy the holiday season and not feel so stressed out the week before Christmas. Thanks, SAXX!

Update: The folks at SAXX are extending a special offer to our readers! Follow this link to get up to 20% OFF on SAXX Underwear this holiday season and get their 30 day, 100% guarantee or they'll refund your order!

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