Best Plastic Surgery Makeovers—Or Just 'Natural' Transformations (Ha Ha!)

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Hollywood thrusts perfection down your throat so much you could gag on it. But it’s also a land of make believe and often times people don’t start off as perfect as they seem.

Cosmetic surgery has been honed to a fine art—the Michael Jackson nose job and trout pout have ushered in an era of plastic fantastic. A nip here, a tuck there, some filler here and voila!-you’re starring opposite Shia Labeouf or strutting down a runway.

Some stars will immediately 'fess up to getting a little work done—others will go down the well worn Kardashian route and just deny, deny, deny......insisting it's just down to weight loss.... or, aging, or careful makeup application—even when it is blatantly obvious that their face is drastically different.

See how 20 famous faces went from girl next door to drop dead gorgeous—and make your own mind up whether they're plastic fantastic or au naturel.....