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The 15 Hottest Sex Scenes In TV History

We know why you have an HBO subscription.

What do you do if you want to get people talking about your TV show?

Include scenes that are so explicit, people will be forced to talk about them—love them or hate them. All the best pop culture TV shows include a few steamy moments that audiences won't soon forget, especially if the scandalous moment is between two beloved characters. How can we forget Sex and the City?

Here are the best, hottest, most graphic sex scenes in TV history.

15.Mark and Lexie—"Grey's Anatomy"

14.Kate and Sawyer—"Lost"

While it's no orgy scene, this hot scene from LOST is just what the doctor ordered.

13.Chuck and Blair—"Gossip Girl"

12.Shane and Carmen—"The L Word"

11.Daenerys and Khal Drogo—"Game of Thrones"

10.Marty and Alex—"True Detective" 

9."Orphan Black"

8.Alex and Piper—"Orange Is the New Black"


7.Bill and Sookie—"True Blood"

6.Blake and Lip—"Shameless"

5.Jughead and Betty—"Riverdale"

4.Jamie and Clare—"Outlander"

3.Ali and Emily—"Pretty Little Liars"

2.Dexter and Hannah—"Dexter"

1.Don and Megan—"Madmen"

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