Dishonored, Fallout, and Elder Scrolls PC games dirt cheap this weekend

Huge sales across platforms from the Maryland-based RPG kings

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Cop Elder Scrolls Online for just $12 or Fallout 4 for $25

Legendary game studio Bethesda has opted to ax the prices of its major titles across retail platforms this weekend.

Some of the highlights for the sale include the nearly 60 percent discount for Dishonored 2 which is available only at Green Man Gaming, follow this link. Steam and Bundle Stars also have significantly decreased their prices as a part of the weekend sale.

The sale has come at a strangely convenient time for the studio as their parent company, Zenimax, just won a major lawsuit against VR giant Oculus. Are we, the humble fans of Zenimax products, now the beneficiaries of America's outdated IP institution? Who knows? Who cares! While I'd be thrilled to think we're getting cheap Bethesda games on the dime of a Trump memester, I think this is probably just a routine online sale.

Check out this comprehensive list for the full scoop and be sure to follow each to link make sure you're getting the best possible deal. Remember, even if you buy from GMG, you're still getting a Steam game key so don't be discouraged by its janky storefront!



The Elder Scrolls


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