Better Call Saul Recap—Jimmy McGill, The Machine Gun Wielding Chimp

This week's episode of Better Call Saul was epic, and if you saw anything remotely close to the final scene coming then you're a freaking genius.

Jimmy is kicking major ass with his Sandpiper Crossing case, even going head to head with their fancy attorney in court to get a restraining order against him dropped.

When he goes back to Chuck's to tell him the good news, he finds Chuck sitting in the living room with about twenty boxes of bullshit documents that the fancy lawyers sent over for them to sift through. Jimmy is ready and willing to start working his way through the paperwork, but Chuck is adamant that this is too demanding a task for two people. In other words, they need to admit defeat and hand the case over to HHM to help out.

Jimmy hates the thought of EVER asking that douche Hamlin for help, but he realizes Chuck is right. They go to a meeting at HHM (yes, Chuck left the house) and Hamlin and the other partners are more than willing to take on the case. They are even extremely generous in the compensation they are willing to give Jimmy, but Hamlin stop short of giving him an office to work out of at HHM.

Jimmy is beyond pissed and Chuck tells Hamlin that he's extremely disappointed that he would't hire Jimmy as an associate. Jimmy tells Hamlin that it's all or nothing, and he refuses to give HHM his case.

Later Kim goes to Hamlin and basically tells him that she can't understand why he wouldn't hire Jimmy temporarily in exchange for the case. He tells her to close the door and they have a conversation that we aren't privy to.

That night, Kim meets Jimmy at the nail salon and tells him that he should go back to Hamlin and take the deal. WHAT? Why would he give in to Hamlin's douchebaggery? Hmmm. Why does Kim suddenly have a change of heart about Hamlin. Jimmy's wheels start turning, and the next morning he heads over to Chucks house.

Jimmy is way smarter than Chuck gives him credit for, because he figured out that his big brother is an asshole of epic proportions. Chuck called Hamlin before the meeting and told him not to hire Jimmy at the firm. What a dick!!! Jimmy is crushed and demands to know why Chuck would stab him in the back.

Jimmy: Why are you working against me Chuck?

Chuck: You’re not a real lawyer! I committed my life to this. You don’t slide into it like a cheap pair of slippers and then reap all the rewards. I know what you are...people don’t change. You’re Slippin’ Jimmy. Slippin' Jimmy with a law degree is like a chimp with a machine gun.

Oh yeah, well let's see how you handle life without Jimmy bringing you food and ice and gasoline and whatever else you need to live your batshit crazy existence, Chucky!

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