Better Call Saul Recap—Need A Will? Call McGill!

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This week's episode of Better Call Saul was somewhat uneventful, but it was laying down the groundwork for some important things to come.

The episode opens with the cops knocking on Chuck's door to ask him about stealing his neighbors newspaper. Chuck immediately informs him that he didn't steal it...he left $5. The demand to speak to him but he won't open the door unless they leave their walkie-talkies and tasers outside. They respond by kicking down the door and arresting him.

They take him to the hospital because they assume he has some type of mental problem. Kim and Jimmy show up and Jimmy tells the doctor that Chuck is allergic to electricity. She's less than amused, and when Chuck comes to she performs a couple secret tests to see if there's something medically wrong or if it's all in his head. Guess what? It's all in his head.

She tries to get Jimmy to sign off on a 30 day psych hold, but he refuses and checks Chuck out of the hospital.

Later, Jimmy goes on several potential client calls that are all totally bullshit. The first is some old millionaire cowboy who lives on 1100 acres and wants to secede from the United States. He also wants to pay Jimmy his million dollar retainer in 'Ricky Bills,' the currency of his fake country.

Then Jimmy goes on a call to help a guy secure a patent for his invention--Tony the Toilet Buddy. A potty training too that is basically a motion activated voice box you put on your toilet that praises kids when they use the toilet. Only it's "praises" come off as really sexual and inappropriate.

Finally Jimmy meets with an elderly woman to help sort out her will and dole out her porcelain figurine collection. She actually pays him in cold hard cash, and Jimmy thinks he may have finally found his niche--elder law!

He has a suit made that's an exact replica of what Andy Griffith wore on Matlock...because old people love Matlock. Then he goes to an old folks home and handed out free jello while advertising his services.

Need a will? Call McGill!

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