Better Call Saul Recap—'Plea Deals Are For Guilty People'


On this week’s episode of Better Call Saul, we’ve moved on from Mike’s depressing back story for now and we’re back to Jimmy’s crazy shenanigans.

Jimmy is doing so well with his elder law practice that he’s thinking about leasing a huge office space. He takes Kim to see it, and at one point offers her the position of partner at his potential new firm. She’s flattered but turns him down because not only should she make partner at HHM in two years, but apparently they paid for her to go to law school.

Back at HHM, the Kettlemans come in to speak with Kim about their case. Kim tells then that she’s arranged for a plea deal that’s too good to pass up considering Craig will most likely get 30 years if they go to trial. The deal is 16 months and they have to give all the money back.

Betsy loses her mind and says they will absolutely not take the deal because they’re Craig’s innocent and there is no money. Kim tries to reason with them, but the fire HHM and walk out. Not good for Kim.

And guess where they go?!? Jimmy’s a little surprised to hear form them considering how their last encounter in the tent went, but he meets the Kettlemans for coffee. They tell him that they want him to represent them. When he tells them no, they remind him of the “retainer” that they already paid him. Betsy explains that if they’re found guilty, they’ll have to account for every penny of the missing money…including the $30K they bribed Jimmy with.

Jimmy is forced to take the case, but after pouring through their case files and realizing that there’s no possible way to get these psychos off, he decides to return the money and enlists Mike’s help to do it.

Well, not exactly return. Mike concocts a plan to find out where the stash of money is in the Kettlemans home and steal it. He sprays the money Jimmy’s returning with a black light solution, and when Craig returns it to the secret hiding place, Mike turns on a blacklight and is led right to it. Those geniuses hid over a million dollars in cash under the bathroom sink.

He takes it to Jimmy who tells him to take it to the DA’s office. Then Jimmy goes to the Kettlemans and tells him what he did, and that if they had any brains whatsoever they would go back to Kim at HHM and take the deal. Jigs up, Kettlemans!

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