Better Call Saul Recap—Sit Back And Listen To Mike's Story

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Well that was depressing. This week's episode of Better Call Saul took a dramatic and serious turn as it focuses on Mike Ehrmantraut's history and how the retired cop came to be a parking lot toll booth clerk in New Mexico.

Mike was a cop in Philadelphia who, along the the majority of the force, used to pocket money from their drug busts. Mike's son Matty was also a Philly cop, only he had moral objections to taking drug money and thinks he should file a bribery report with his superiors after his partner offers him a cut.

He asks his dad for advice and is shocked when Mike confesses that he's a dirty cop too and strongly discourages his son from turning anyone in. Well it works because not only does Matty not turn anyone in, but he decided to take the drug money too.

It was too little too late though, and his partner and a superior kill Matty and make it look like a drug bust gone bad. But Mike figured out the truth and he turned around and killed the cops that killed his son...then got the hell out of Philly. The most logical place to flee to is Albuquerque...said no one ever.

Flash back to Mike's present day with a couple of Philadelphia detectives pounding on his door, asking about his potential involvement in the murders. Mike then asks for his lawyer—Jimmy McGill.

Slipin' Jimmy is the perfect man for the job because Mike knows he can count on him to help him pinch the detectives notebook. Jimmy perfectly performs the "Juan Valdez Bump and Dump"—he "accidentally" spills coffee on the detective so Mike can lift the notebook.

Teamwork makes the dream work, kids.

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