Better Call Saul Recap—What Do Mobsters & Old Folks Homes Have In Common?

On this week’s episode of Better Call Saul, Jimmy is kicking ass and taking names in his elder law practice when he notices some very strange billing practices going on at his client’s senior living facility.

While doing a will for a client at the old folks home Sandpiper Crossing, Jimmy unintentionally realizes that the home is massively overcharging its elderly patients for supplies and leaving them broke. He goes to his brother Chuck and explains the situation, and they both agree that not only is it disgusting but it has the potential to be a huge class action law suit.

Jimmy goes to see his clients again at the home, but the director is on to him and won’t let him on the premises. He notices the secretary shredding documents so he thinks quick and serves the director with a legal letter written on a piece of cardboard and toilet paper on the spot.

Later that night he steals the bags of shredded paper from the dumpster and takes them back to Chuck’s. Turns out Chuck is some sort of jigsaw puzzle master because he’s able to piece enough of the documents together to figure out something huge.

Sandpiper Crossing’s lawyer and his team go over to Chuck’s house to meet with him and Jimmy. Chuck is shaking in his boots because it’s been an eternity since he was actually practicing , so he remained quiet and let fast talking Jimmy take charge.

Basically Sandpiper Crossing came in claiming the whole this was just an accounting mistake and the offer $100,000 to settle the matter out of court. That’s when Jimmy whips out his taped together shreds of invoice from a medical supply company in Nebraska that the home uses and somehow threatens Sandpiper Crossing with RICO charges--Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. That’s the same shit that landed mobster John Gotti in prison!!! How he’s planning on using RICO isn’t entirely clear to us lay people, but it scared the shit out of the other lawyers—as did Chuck’s demand of a $20 million settlement. Go Chuck!!!

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