In the latest news from the fierce baby-name branding wars, the forces of celebrity were dealt a surprising defeat this morning, as Jay-Z and Beyonce were legally barred from trademarking the name of Blue Ivy Carter.

Bey and Jay had attempted to trademark their daughter's name for a line of baby products but ran into an unexpected obstacle: A Boston events-planning company, run by people who have not recorded Reasonable Doubt or "Crazy in Love," had been using the name Blue Ivy since 2009, long before the youngest Carter was a twinkle in her father's eye.

Despite Blue Ivy Events owner Veronica Alexander never playing eight nights at the Barclays Center, she was still able to convince the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that her company should be allowed to keep its name. Jay and Beyonce, the court ruled, have "no legal rights to keep the name to themselves."

How will Jay-Z and Beyonce handle this legal setback? They've got friends in high places—somehow we think they'll be alright. As for Blue Ivy, we think this might actually good for her. Sharing your name with a line of baby products can't be good for your social status come middle school.

[FOX Boston]