You may not have thought it possible to miss "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" given the dozens of covers and parodies it's inspired and its requisite yet somewhat ironic presence at wedding receptions since late 2008. Yet one flick of Beyoncé's perfectly manicured hand during her Good Morning America concert on Friday and we were reminded of why we loved the song so much in the first place. "Run The World (Girls)" choreography may have set a new bar for Bey's live shows, but there's still plenty of pleasure to get from her sassy finger waving. (Plus, she goes into "Shout" chanting, so of course we love it.)

But the best part of Beyoncé's performance did not actually include Beyoncé. In fact, rivaling B's dance moves is the commentary —both hilarious and astute—found within this taping of her "End of Time" routine, courtesy of one megafan The Skorpion Show would be lucky to have as a guest for its next episode. She may not be that visible for the entirety of this clip below, but thanks to Dagosmart92's narration, it's like we were given backstage passes. We think he speaks for us all when he says: "the hair!"