"I always battle with how much I reveal about myself," Beyoncé says in the first teaser clip for her upcoming HBO documentary, the second most important video you'll watch today. The first is DMX singing "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer"—what! With that soothing voice we all know and love promising everything will be raw, real and revealed come February 16, the 25-second video splices together fast moving scenes from the 31-year-old's life. Between vintage footage of miniature Bey's backyard Olympics to Beyoncé and Jay-Z's backstage hugs that regularly causes us cry about our own messy love life, this collection of moments will be undoubtedly pleasing for any Bey superfan. Pleasing and familiar. With two tour DVDs that include intimate one-on-one sessions with Bey's tears and the camera, we've experienced her experiencing the pain and hardships that such a life in the spotlight tends to create, with little perspective from the other parties involved. But maybe we, the BeyHive, are asking for too much—Has worshipping perfection for all these years made our expectations too unrealistic? Guide us, Bey.

The most notable moment, though, is the flash of pregnant belly flesh presumably observed early on during her pregnancy. Nope, there are no pillows or weird dress folds, just Beyonce's skin (or a really convincing prosthetic) and a belly chain. Side note: The stray bikini top to her left makes us wonder if this footage is the result of a post-beach day photo shoot or if we walked in on something we shouldn't have.

Clearly Beyoncé wants to hush those conspiracy theorists for once and for all share her journey towards motherhood with her closest fans. We choose to believe that a tiny Blue Ivy is floating somewhere beneath that creamy torso, and that the visible, protruding bump is not the just the result of a Chipotle night in the Carter household. Watch below.