While you were digesting Tha Carter IV or studying Rihanna's new "Cheers (Drink To That)" video frame-by-frame, Beyoncé quietly dropped something new last night, too, debuting—surprise!—the video for "1+1." B's been enjoying sneaking around lately, announcing her New York shows mere days before they go on sale and becoming a last minute addition for the VMA roster. This is not the Beyoncé video we were expecting, but still! Starting your day off with a Beyoncé video is better than starting your day with a hurricane warning. This is the dramatic ballad from 4 in which B pleads for someone in particular to "make love to [her]," which also includes references to guns and war, yet the video is understated in both plot and production value. Serving as one extended gaze at B's flawlessness, it's a treat for those who enjoy sweaty Beyoncé in questionable leopard lingerie that's straight out of the "Best Thing I Never Had" reject pile, cooling herself off with an ice cube. In case the first 20 seconds didn't tip you off, this is a sexy video, so prepare to marvel at B's nudie suit, her real tears and those trippy kaleidoscope visuals below.