Beyonce To Barbie—The Transformation Is Complete

When Beyonce performed at the Tidal benefit concert in New York last week, she embodied nothing less than a timeless icon: Mattel's Barbie.

The only question is, why?

What makes a beautiful black woman with everything going for her want to look like the quintessential ideal of white beauty?

Lately, there has been buzz about Beyonce lightening her skin but I don't think her skin-tone is the issue.

Much like Jennifer Lopez over the years, Beyonce seems to be trying to erase her ethnicity. Not culturally, but physically.

No one could accuse Beyonce of betraying her ethnicity in her music or in her 'brand.' But her physical transformation and presentation of herself is worth noting, as it brings into question our standards of female attractiveness in an age where racism and body acceptance are at the forefront of social consciousness.

Remember the angry reactions to Iggy Azalea? She was accused of trying to 'act black' and roundly criticized for it.

Yet celebrities like Beyonce who seem to embrace an image of white beauty are rarely questioned about their motives.

Beyonce obviously has the right to do whatever she wants. And she does, or so it seems.

It's just that if you're not blind, you have to notice the transformation.

Meanwhile, Jay Z seems secure enough to stick with his nondescript look.

It's a strange time to be living in, when feminism means performing in a stripper outfit while whipping your hair around.  And the epitome of black beauty means looking like a 1950's blond Barbie doll.

Weigh in, Popdust readers. Does Bey's transformation have any significance? Or is she just proving that a confident women can do whatever the hell she wants?

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