Beyoncé threatened to steal the spotlight from Watch The Throne headliners Jay-Z and Kanye West during the tour's stop in Miami on Tuesday. Not one to be a passive listener, especially when it comes to her husband's music, Bey was spotted enthusiastically  getting down to the duo's "Gotta Have It" along with the rest of the AmericanAirlines Arena crowd. "Ain't that where The Heat play?" obviously sent the hometown audience into a frenzy, with multiple shout-outs to their dearly (for now) departed NBA all-stars, but it was Jay's "Wassup, wassup, wassup" that made B lose her shit completely. Allow this video to act as proof that she did pledge a lifelong allegiance to Brooklyn; we hope Jay-Z uses this video as a reference when making his case for moving the family across the East River early next year. Beyoncé has been a big fan of the WTT tracks since the early recording stages, but it's still fun to see her display her excitement, Babyonce in tow. She'll only be able to recite that NSFW lyric for a little while longer before needing to break out the earmuffs, so better go cray while she still can. Watch below.