The art of letter writing is lost art for those who were born in the age of the Internet. But for the Postal Service's sake and those older folks who aren't internet-savvy enough to be Facebook-ing their family, Beyoncé is a beacon of hope who is keeping letter writing alive. She has uploaded a handful of beautifully handwritten letters online which create buzz around the people whom she chooses to write to. In the past year she has written thoughtful and thought provoking notes to: her mother Tina Knowles for Mother's Day, Frank Ocean after he came out, and one of her inspirations (fellow female singer) Sade.

A letter she wrote to our First Lady and published online has been adapted into a video by Obama's re-election campaign.

This isn't the first time Beyoncé has supported the First Lady, and it's probably not the last either. In April 2011, Bey and the First Lady partnered up against child obesity with a hot dance track called "Move Your Body." The music video featured Beyoncé and young kids doing high-powered moves, but for some reason Michelle Obama was nowhere to be found. We're still waiting for her to release her own music video, by the way.

If Beyoncé has Republican fans (she probably doesn't), they may be upset by her support for our President in the upcoming election. But even if they are upset, it's unlikely die-hard fans have the willpower to boycott her music. So Beyoncé, follow your heart. And keep writing these letters, they're gems.