As promised, a DVD of Beyoncé's sold-out shows from New York's Roseland Ballroom is headed our way—hopefully just in time for the holidays. Before it's release, a series of behind-the-scenes videos have surfaced, chronicling Beyoncé and her band's preparation, the dedicated fandom, with groups enduring hours outside during a Manhattan thunderstorm and the unforgettable performance in a smaller venue that can only be described as "intimate." With footage from the four nights filmed just 10 days before Beyoncé made the announcement heard round the world at the MTV VMAs, go ahead and use your ninth grade biology knowledge to try and detect the presence of a baby bump. Enjoy one of the clips below, and check all four here. The dramatic pacing, the repeated use of "intimate"—which never, never gets old—and B's one single tear further prove that these shows will be remembered as the Most Important Live Music Events There Ever Were. That is, until her post-maternity leave tour begins.