After years of Boomer legacy acts getting the prestigious Super Bowl halftime slot (alongside, yes, the Black Eyed Peas, but the less said about them the better) Beyonce took the the stage at Super Bowl XLVII as both the most relevant and most beloved performer to grace tha stage in a decade/ How'd she do?

It's Beyonce. Duh, she killed it.

Bey came onstage in a rush of smoke, performing a backlit, slowed-down version of "Love of Top" before segueing into a crowd-pleasing rendition of "Crazy in Love."

Best of all, the performance unveiled a bizarre Busby-Berkley-style overhead camera angle, complete with hologram Beyonces writhing on the floor.

From there, Bey took on "End of Time," from IV, an unconventional choice that the spectators at Popdust's Super Bowl party loved nonetheless. This segued into "Baby Boy," which saw the first appearance of Infinite Hologram Beyonce, as well as some Seapunk-style iconography that must have had Azealia Banks weeping into her beer.

Then it was time for the rumored Destiny's Child reunion ("It's all happening!" —someone at our party). Kelly and Michelle joined B for a brief medley of "Bootylicious," "Independent Women," and "Single Ladies." Yes, that's two Beyonce solo tracks to one Destiny's Child song—no mistaking who was in charge here.  (UPDATE: As many commenters have pointed out, "Bootylicious" is in fact a Destiny's Child song. Popdust regrets the error.) Still, who couldn't smile seeing Kelly and Michelle doing The Put A Ring On It dance?


After Kelly and Michelle were ceremoniously sent on their merry way, Beyonce closed things out with an emotional performance of "Halo,"("It's 'Halo!!!' —someone else at our party), squatting down in front of the audience and serving her hair up at them as if it were the Holy Communion. In a sense, it was.

All in all, it was a borderilne religious performance, at least judging from the reaction online and inside our small apartment, where lights were dimmed and errant voices were silent. We may have had our issues with B's song choice—why "End of Time" and "Baby Boy" instead of "Countdown," which would have killed on that set?—but who are we to question her choices? As this performance made clear, Beyonce is the Queen; the rest of us are only subjects.