When we found out that T-ara's Eunjung and f(x)'s Amber would be the new hosts of music program, Show Champion, we didn't realize that it meant that the girl group superstars would follow the artists they're now paid to introduce and jump on stage to perform together. The pair joined forces at the end of their first episode for a specifically prepared performance of PSY's 2002 chart topper, "Champion." The song was dragged into 2013 thanks to a whizzing dubstep remix, which was perfect for Eunjung and Amber to flaunt their dance moves and rap skills.

While Amber is currently the main rapper of f(x), Eunjung's role as T-ara's resident rapstress has increasingly diminished over the group's last few releases. Hopefully she'll snatch her emcee crown back now that Hwayoung has left T-ara, especially since new member, Ahreum, seems more comfortable as a vocalist.

Anyway, is it just us, or is everyone else craving an official Eunjung and Amber collaboration now? A unit group, perhaps? It could be called AmJung, or T-X. Ah, it probably wouldn't work. But on the bright side, at least K-pop fans now have a new couple to ship.

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[Photo credit: TiaraDiadem / Newsen]