Bieber is Highest Paid Male Celebrity Under 30, Lil Wayne Relatively Poor

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Forbes likes rubbing how rich the "1%" of the world is into the faces and minds of the other 99%, and that won't change in the foreseeable future. But the gender make-up of Forbes features is evolving. Women, who are typically underrepresented on its more general listings of filthy rich executives, are starting to be more visible. They dominate its recent survey of the richest celebrities under 30. And of these women, all but American actress Kristen Stewart (of Twilight) are pop stars.

Justin Bieber is the only man in the Top 5, and also the youngest of the group. Fitting comfortably between Taylor Swift ($57 million) and Rihanna ($53 million) with $55 million for this year alone, The Bieb earns a little more than double Lil Wayne (whose laughable $27 million income puts him barely ahead of male Twilight co-stars Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson, whose yearly income were each estimated to be worth $27.5 million).

For the sake of preserving Bieber's salary for the year, we can only hope that the old woman who is suing Bieber for $9 million for alleged hearing problems caused not by him-- but his fans-- won't win the case. And if she does by some chance get some money out of him in a settlement, the amount should be capped at $1.999 million. Or else he’ll have to be demoted to third place-- or worse-- and will receive a sizeable deflation to his otherwise thriving ego.

via [Forbes]

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